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Bike It Solo coverage was, and is still being covered by the international media from Alaska to Argentina.
Only some of that coverage is indicated in this page:



TV Stations:

bulletTELEMUNDO- Miami, Florida.  Spanish TV station covering all of the American continent.  Bike it Solo Coverage via informative program "Ocurrio Asi" as Emmanuel passed through Los Angeles, California.  September, 1999.

bulletCANAL "A"- Caribbean Coast, Colombia.  News program which caught Emmanuel enjoying some delicious Colombian lunch.  November, 1999.

bulletCHILE TV- La Serena, Chile.  Cable TV station covering Emmanuel's experiences during his trip in the sport section of the program.  Also covered Mario Gentinetta, Emmanuel's father, who followed him in a car the last month of the trip.

bulletSR TV- Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina.  Coverage of Emmanuel's soon to be arrival at the end of his journey.  February, 2000.

bulletCANAL 11- Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, Argentina.  Local TV channel for Ushuaia covering Emmanuel arrival, together with his family who had come from the USA, and his 26 hour stay at Argentine Base Marambio, on the Antarctic Peninsula via real life story show "Los Protagonistas".  March, 2000.

bulletO'GLOBO- Brazil.  Largest TV network in Brazil.  Covered Emmanuel trip, including footage of the actual arrival in documentary show "Globo Reporter-O Fim Do Mundo", Globe Reporter-The End of the World".  March, 2000

bulletAMERICA SPORT- Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Cable TV station.  Emmanuel, together with his parents and younger sister and brother appeared in a Christian Sports Program, supported by Atletas para Cristo, Athletes for Christ.  March, 2000.

bulletCANAL 13- Buenos Aires, Argentina.  One of the 2 largest networks in the country.  Coverage via "Telenoche", the daily news program, as Emmanuel rode a 20 mile circuit with all his gear through Argentina's capital in order for friends, family, and others to see how Emmanuel traveled during his trip.  March, 2000.

bulletCHANNEL 10- Sacramento, California.  Northern California's ABC broadcaster.  Coverage of Emmanuel's return to California at Sacramento International Airport.

bulletCHANNEL 3 (5)- Sacramento, California.  Northern California's NBC broadcaster.  Coverage of Emmanuel's arrival in Ushuaia, Argentina and return to California at Sacramento International Airport via KCRA News.


Radio Stations:

bulletKVML- Sonora, California.  First media coverage of Emmanuel's trip, announcing that he would embark on the adventure of a lifetime.  May, 1999.

bulletKKBN The Cabin 93.5- Twain Harte, California.  Live coverage every Wednesday morning at 8:40 AM during Emmanuel's trip for last minute updates.  June 1999 to March 2000.

bulletSANTA ROSA- Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina.  Coverage of Emmanuel's trip after an abundant dinner together with his father.  February, 2000.

bulletSIERRA GRANDE- Sierra Grande, Patagonia, Argentina.  Most extensive coverage in this small town, announcing that Emmanuel would be passing through that day.  Great outcome of people coming to greet Emmanuel.  March, 2000.

bulletLV3- Argentina.  Radio station covering the entire country of Argentina via sister radios.  Coverage via cellular phone as Emmanuel entered the city limits of Ushuaia.  March 9, 2000.

bulletRADIO NACIONAL- Argentina.  National Radio Station of Argentina.  Coverage via informative program "Noticias with Franco Salomone".  Mr. Franco Salomone is a close friend of our family as well as the most famous and well renowned TV and Radio reporter in the country.  Coverage via phone on the last day of the trip and again two weeks later from the studios in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Also present were Emmanuel's parents and his younger brother and sister.  March, 2000.

bulletRADIO EL SOL- Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Coverage of Emmanuel's completion of the trip via telephone.  March, 2000.




bulletVIVA- Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Article commenting on Emmanuel's completion of the trip and visit to Argentine Base Marambio on the Antarctic Peninsula.  March, 2000.

bulletMASTERCARD MIEMBROS- Argentina.  Magazine distributed to all Mastercard holders in Argentina.  Article about Emmanuel's completion of the trip.  May, 2000.




bulletTHE UNION DEMOCRAT- Sonora, California.  Local newspaper where Emmanuel lives.  Extensive coverage of Emmanuel's trip from initial planning to completion and arrival home.  All 10% interval reports were published, as well as updates when Emmanuel entered a new country or other events such as when he got hit by a bus in Lima, Peru.  June, 1999 to May, 2000.

bulletNEWS-MINER- Fairbanks, Alaska.  Article about Emmanuel "passing through" Fairbanks.  Many people pass through Fairbanks on the quest of some far away destination.  Few make it.  July, 1999.

bulletDAILY NEWS- Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada.  Article on Emmanuel's trip and "plan" to cycle all the way to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.  Until he was halfway through, many doubted he would ever make it.  The editor of the Daily News, Mark Nielsen, invited Emmanuel to stay at his home for the night and let him borrow his kitchen appliances, where Emmanuel burnt some rice.  August, 1999.

bulletTHE MONTEREY COUNTY HERALD- Monterey, California.  Article by columnist Sharon Randall.  The column was submitted to over 400 newspapers across the USA.  Sharon Randall is a winner of the American Association of Sunday and Feature Editors and the Best of the West commentary awards.  This article had a very unique style.  September, 1999.  View article

bulletBEAR TRACKS- Tuolumne, California.  Summerville High School Newspaper.  Emmanuel graduated from Summerville and was a writer for Bear Tracks during two of his high school years as "Doctor Love", although few people knew who was answering to their questions.  Bear Tracks, led by Mrs. Barbara Encinas, published updates about Emmanuel's trip to keep the student body informed.  Emmanuel was Student Body Vice President during his senior year, 1998-1999.  August, 1999 to May 2000. 

bulletPACIFIC PEARL- Mazatlan, Mexico.  Tourist newspaper informing about Emmanuel's trip as he passed through Mazatlan.  Emmanuel stayed with the Veselik Family, the owners and editors of the publication, for four days.  The Pacific Pearl also published an article upon completion of Emmanuel's trip.  September, 1999 and March, 2000.

bulletEL PERIODICO- Guatemala City, Guatemala.  Article of Emmanuel's progress as he passed through his 4th country, and 11 countries left.  November, 1999.

bulletNUESTRO DIARIO- Guatemala City, Guatemala.  Article about Emmanuel's visit to Guatemala City.  Although his route did not take him through Guatemala City, he took two days to go visit family friends, the Contreras, before continuing on.  November, 1999.

bulletLA ARENA- Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina.  Article about Emmanuel being "about to connect the Americas by bike" as he only had a few more pedal strokes to go.  February, 2000.

bulletEL DIARIO- Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina.  Article about Emmanuel's soon to be arrival at the "end of the world".  February, 2000.

bulletEL DIARIO DEL FIN DEL MUNDO- Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, Argentina.  Extensive coverage and announcements of Emmanuel arrival at Ushuaia.  Written by Emilio Urruty, this 5-article series was the most complete of any publication.  February, 2000 to March, 2000.

bulletEL CHUBUT- Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, Patagonia, Argentina.  As Emmanuel pedaled through Antarctic soil at Argentine Base Marambio, he ran into a reporter from "El Chubut" who was reporting about the base.  "I found my cover story", he said.  And cover story it was.  March, 2000.

bulletEL SOL- Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Article about Emmanuel's completion of the trip.  March, 2000.

bulletDIARIO POPULAR- Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Article about Emmanuel being congratulated and presented with a plaque by the Argentine Air Force in the Head Air Force building of Argentina.  March, 2000.

bulletLA NACION- Argentina.  Article of Emmanuel's completion of the trip, double world record, and one-day tour around Argentina's capital.  April, 2000.

bulletLA UNION- Lomas de Zamora, Argentina.  Article about Emmanuel's trip and family values.  4 generations of Emmanuel's family are from the Lomas de Zamora area in Argentina.  This center page article was full of details about Emmanuel's love to his family and the Argentine people.  Another article was published regarding the Official Congratulation awarded to Emmanuel by the Government Authorities of Lomas de Zamora.  April, 2000 and July, 2000.

bulletEL SEMANARIO- Lomas de Zamora, Argentina.  Article about Emmanuel's  completion of the trip which was made off of a radio interview.  No mistakes appear in such articles.  April, 2000.

bulletLA MAņANA DEL SUR- Patagonia, Argentina.  Article about Emmanuel's double world record and trip finalization.  April, 2000.

bulletLA BANDURRIA- San Martin de los Andes, Neuquen, Patagonia, Argentina.  Article about Emmanuel's goal being achieved.  April, 2000.

bulletRIO NEGRO- Rio Negro, Patagonia, Argentina.  Article about Emmanuel's dream.  "The dream of the kid: by bike to Antarctica."  And the achieving of such a dream.  With determination and God's help, anything is possible.  April, 2000.

bulletMUSTANG MADNESS- Standard, California.  Curtis Creek Elementary School Newspaper.  Emmanuel's youngest sister and brother attend CC.  The fifth graders dedicated the newspaper to Emmanuel's "heroic achievement and inspiration by cycling the Americas solo."  The article was written by Emmanuel's sister, Clarissa Gentinetta.  June, 2000.

bulletTHE MODESTO BEE- Modesto, California.  Newspaper covering the entire Central Valley and Sierra Nevada, where Emmanuel lives.  This front page sports article included a half page photograph of Emmanuel at the end of the road, in Bahia Lapataia.  "Maximum Mileage".  May, 2000.


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