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Inflating the tube on the Dalton Highway.JPG (41021 bytes)Coming uphill in the vast territory of the Dalton Highway.JPG (31405 bytes)Watching wildlife at the Dalton Highway.JPG (54007 bytes)Crossing the Brook Range.JPG (55833 bytes)In His hands.JPG (43862 bytes)
By the river in the early morning.JPG (54769 bytes)Exchanging addresses with Akira.JPG (50067 bytes)Wild flowers in Alaska.JPG (45538 bytes)Oil Spill Hill.JPG (51359 bytes)The Dalton Highway.JPG (63314 bytes)
First people sign.JPG (50453 bytes)How wonderful God's creation is.JPG (41349 bytes)Late evening work.JPG (15464 bytes)With Dad at the Arctic Circle.JPG (98753 bytes)4th of July celebration with Sky.JPG (38643 bytes)
Touching the pipe-line.JPG (23277 bytes)Dad at the car wash.JPG (38118 bytes)Self portrait.JPG (45081 bytes)Breakfast in Washington.JPG (51320 bytes)Breakfast time in Canada.JPG (54040 bytes)
Bike It Solo Flag at the GGB.JPG (67004 bytes)0787-Familia por chris.JPG (39710 bytes)0802-Con Flory y la carpa.JPG (44908 bytes)0812-El Arbol y el mar.JPG (44323 bytes)



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